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Relygents’ web developers assist brands in navigating the ever-changing digital market by being client-focused, customer-centric, and designing website solutions that produce meaningful business results.

  • High performing web experiences
  • Feature-packed and digitally transformative
  • Designed to be user friendly
  • Fully Functional
  • Secure
  • Attract your Customer base
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Get a CMS for your website
  • Get a flexible and a fast-paced website
  • Get Responsive Design
Web Development

Relygents is one of the leading companies in coding and web development. We know what you are seeking, hence we offer services accordingly. For a successful business, a well-designed, well-developed, and useful website is important. As a sales enabler, we will create a website to connect with your audience and boost your sales. We are working on the latest web development technologies like Reactjs, Nodejs, etc. Using large numbers of web apps and websites, we will generate traffic for your websites. Join us to develop a website to gain the attention of your customers, within your time limit, and at a low cost. Make a website with us to compete in the market and to stay in the market.


Do you need an attractive homepage?

The homepage welcomes your customers to the website and gives them an idea of what is on the website. The homepage creates an impression on the customers, so the first impression is the last impression. It must be creative and attractive so that customers will be interested in seeing your website. Your homepage also shows the quality, uniqueness, and purpose of your company. We always believe in creating attractive homepages so that your customers take a step towards you. Moreover, we will help you with writing engaging content that can help your customers take action.

Magazine Websites

Are you looking for the latest design trends to create a magazine?

The latest and most attractive design of web development is a magazine in which the points are clear in text and also in visual form. We are here to fulfill your demand or need to create the latest and updated magazine designs. The magazine is a great way to provide the latest and relevant data to the customer. The latest design and informative data increase sales. We will develop a design for a magazine like a story and show the purpose of the design. It will be unique and attractive to your customers and get their attention. It will help to generate traffic on the website.

E-commerce Website

Do you want to start a business online?

Ecommerce is a very useful tool nowadays. Everyone is doing online business, but we are here with our expert team to make your E-commerce website attractive. As a sales enabler, we are here to promote your business and get it to the top of the search page. We will give them the option to purchase online safely. Our experts can help you to boost your business globally. The design of your website also shows the nature and purpose of your business. Images play a great role in selling a product/service online.


Get your blogs on demand….

Our expert team is here to make your blogs creative and attractive by adding the features you demand. Build a unique site with advanced design and tools. In blogging, we are telling a story; a blog can communicate with clarity and tell the audience what the company wants to them. Blogs can actually generate sales and get customer attention. You can attach your customers emotionally, happily, in an exciting way.

Portfolio Websites

Do you want to generate a spark in your audience?

There are many portfolio website designs, but our experts make your website according to your business. At Relygents, we help you build a personalized website to show your creative work. Unique and attractive websites help you to generate traffic and boost your profits. The customer understood that a portfolio website comes with a number of amazing sources that all professionals should take advantage of. The website will be well developed, well organized, and everything will be defined according to the business.

Landing Pages

Advertise and promote your business!

The land page is a web tool that is used to promote or advertise your business. With the help of the latest tools, we build high converting landing pages for your brand. The land pages are designed to set one point in your mind. The attractive and useful landing page helps you to convert the audience into potential customers. Our experts make different landing pages like Splash landing pages, Squeeze landing pages, Lead capture landing pages, Sales landing pages, Thank You landing pages, Unsubscribe landing pages, etc.

Social Media Website

Shape your ideas into original form!

At Relygents, we will help you to convert your ideas into reality. We support our clients by giving them the forms of their ideas and converting them into a new shape. Social media sites have also grown in numbers by leaps and bounds. Everyone is using social media. There are a lot of active users. They are your potential customers. So, you can generate sales by making social sites and pages to boost your business. The customer wants a product on social media and the company wants to sell its product on social media. To generate your business, it is more important to know the famous social media sites. This will help you to increase your access to social media and engage people from your business.

Directory and Contact Pages

Make your availability in one click!

Relygents are always here for your support. We will organize your data and you can access your data with a single click. We will make advanced-level directory pages to list everything. You can make a list of niches, potential, targeted customers. We will help to make your availability and search on tap. Make your search engine easy for your customers, generate your sales and SEO rank to make your presence available.


Do you want to build your own store? It’s time to create your website now…

With your help, our expert team at Relygents can create your store and sell your products. Make your availability 24/7 on the website. The customer talks with you on the website or social media pages. People around the world have access to your store. You can sell your products globally, and generate more profits. We will create a section for your products where the user can easily find the product by name. This will help to make your website creative and attractive.

Questions about plans, pricing, or availability? Let’s find the right for you.