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Relygents is facilitating people around the globe with top-class services regarding the online world. The online world is a whole lot of universe in itself. Relygents is a web development company that serves its consumers with website development, IT support, digital media marketing, brand promotion, QA (quality assurance) outsourcing, and BPO (business process outsourcing).

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An Overview- Relygents

Web development is the technology that allows a business to create digital software, also known as a website. A web application development company makes sure to design it so that people can be aware of a brand’s products and services. Technically speaking, web development is the process involved in the development of a website for the internet or intranet.

The nature of the task may vary right from developing a simple web page to complex web applications and sites. Website development makes you win the digital show. And it has everything to do with making the website look exceptional, improving the functionality, ensuring seamless integration, making it work fast, resolving issues, and performing well.

However, there are sources you will find about web development, but there are many aspects to it. Since web development is a wide term, it is obvious for anyone to misinterpret it. Thus, we are here with a few myths associated with web development that will pretty much give you an idea of what web development is not about. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

Common Myths Associated with Web Development

The web world is huge with so many technologies, trends, and aspects. As a result, there are always chances that you could interpret something wrong or the development process could go off track because of the myths associated with website development. 

  • Serverless Architecture

Prototyping and building apps happen to be the best area for serverless architecture as they don’t need further expansion and growth. Following the myth, ecommerce development company or web developers are usually forced to switch from serverless to containers or API in case of web development. It makes the process quite complicated and expensive. 

So why begin with serverless architecture is the question that comes to mind. However, this is not the case and rather beginning with serverless computing helps in faster development. Besides, it facilitates faster reach to the market irrespective of the size of the business. It automatically helps in expansion and growth in the long run.

  • Motion UI

Many believe that motion UI is just a library that helps to bring code for specific transitions and animations. There is a common belief that motion UI acts as a tool that saves coding time. 

Irrespective of the value it brings to your website, it cannot be counted as a trend for some. Rather it’s a total myth because dark-themed user interfaces (UI) or low-light UX are some of the popular trends in web designing which is a part of web development. So, if they aren’t unrelated, how can motion UI be kept out of the list of trends? 

  • Internet of Things 

Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term that encompasses objects that are stuffed with electronics to exchange data with servers with the help of the internet. So many people have this misconception that web development services can be used for IoT projects. As of writing this post, IoT is still a new concept in the web development field.

However, this entire idea is a myth where you will see a stark contrast between what’s being said and the ground reality. Rather you will see developers are using IoT to obtain personalized data. We are not far away from towhee where IoT will set an advanced communication between website layout and operational models.

  • Virtual Reality 

It’s a shocker to see VR on this list, right? “VR will most probably never come to web developers’ mind,” – is a common thing that people have to say when it comes to the gaming industry. The reason given for it is the need for expensive equipment on the user side. Moreover, huge performance is expected from the equipment for real-time rendering. Thus, many people claim that they don’t see VR for the web as a mainstream direction. 

However, it is not true and on the flip side, it has already carved a pathway to web development. If you don’t know about webVR then let us explain it to you. 

Many big names in the web development industry have come up in favor of the WebVR experience. Surprisingly, it has been made available in several browsers such as Firefox Nightly, Chrome 56+ for Android, Chromium for Windows (experimental), and Samsung Internet Browser for Gear.

  • Single Page Applications 

Single-page applications can be interpreted as web apps where the information can be updated without the need to refresh the page. It has been a popular choice amongst businesses for quite a long, but a few say that they are not a trend anymore. Rather they consider it a standard. 

But the major concern is the difficulty according to some developers. Who says that you will need to write more code to make the SPA work? The only positive productivity advantage it brings is that front-end and back-end developers have the margin to work altogether.

End Words

Now you know the common myths associated with web development. To achieve needed results from your company’s website all you need to do is just to design. And develop your website in a way that could aid your business with everything you have expected.

Get our assistance for this purpose for undoubtedly we are experts in that. Relygents is a web development company that has satisfied thousands of clients globally and we are still on a mission to get better every day with our services for our clients. Our devs are highly competent in getting their job done. So, you can trust us in boosting your sales and lifting your business in the community market with our services.